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2015 Recipients

Kaitlyn Barnes

Academic Area: Sociology.

Project title: Aging in Place: Understanding the Lived Experience of Neighborhood Change.


Joseph Filous

Academic Area: History.

Project title: Give Instruction:  Denominational Colleges in the Old Northwest


Kristin Kondrlick

Academic Area: English.

Project title: Fellow feeling’ and Fractured Femininity: Shaping Women Physicians’ Professional Identity in Late Victorian and Edwardian Women’s Medical Magazines.


Leah Lee

Academic Area: Biology & Spanish.


Jessica Nasser

Academic Area: Psychology.

Project title: Dietary Restraint in Individuals with Symptoms of Binge Eating Disorder: Manifestation and Its Relation to Binge Eating Behavior.


Lauren Pohl

Academic Area: Psychology.

Project title: Coming Out: Self-Esteem and Sexual Identity Distress as Predictors of LGBQ Individuals’ Degree of Sexual Identity Disclosure.



2014 Recipients

Jonathan Metcalfe
Academic Area: Anthropology.
Project title: Healthcare infrastructure for individuals with HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe

Andrea Nienstedt
Academic Area: English.
Project title: The Mermaid’s tongue: Surplus women and the voice of Flora Finching

Nicholas Novak
Academic Area: Medical Anthropology, Evolutionary Biology.
Project title: The impact of obesity on the success or radiographic scanning to reliably detect lunch cancer.

Mahi Singh
Academic Area: Biology, Anthropology.
Project title: Patients at risk for bone-marrow derived cancers.

Allison Schlosser
Academic Area: Medical Anthropology.
Project titleL Belonging and Experience: An Ethnographic Study of Addiction Treatment

Alex Razavi
Academic Area: Biochemistry.
Project title: Evaluating the immunogenicity of the Cry1Ab protein expressed by genetically modified crops: An epidemiological approach.


2013 Recipients

Tirth Bhatta
Academic Area: Sociology.
Project title: Altruism among older adults: Construct development and validation

Sophia Hu
Academic Area: Biochemistry and Nutrition.
Project title: Determining therapeutic potential of GSK3 inhibition in GSK3-mediated regulation of the retinoic acid receptor in acute myeloid leukemia stem cells

Christopher Lyddy
Academic Area: Organizational Behavior.
Project title: A laboratory study: Inoculating individuals from failure’s negative aftereffects on attention and performance via Mindfulness

Michelle Nebergall
Academic Area: Medical Anthropology.
Project title: An ethnographic study of youth perception and risk for HIV in South Africa

Lindsey Perusek
Academic Area: Nutrition.
Project title: Acetylpeptide mass spectrometry analysis