(updated June 1, 2016)

There are a variety of ways to find a senior project. You may pursue a project with a professor in the department of physics, or in many technical departments at Case Western Reserve, or professors at comparable institutions, or researchers of comparable status at companies, national laboratories, or similar. If the advice below does not help, feel free to ask one of the your academic adviser or members of the senior project committee.

If you have a research connection with a professor or other possible adviser e.g. are already working in a laboratory, have had a coop or a Research Experience for Undergraduates “REU” or other research experience, or otherwise have ideas of your own, by all means pursue them. Most students work on projects suggested by faculty members. However, many faculty members are flexible, so if you have specific ideas, you may find it valuable to ask appropriately chosen faculty members if they will advise a project of mutual interest / mutually designed.

Some such researchers, particularly industrial researchers are concerned about secrecy. While we prefer to advertise your work by posting posters, papers and other final products, and you need to make some public presentations, we can be flexible about this, if there is good reason.

Previous Senior Projects may give you ideas of who to ask.  Click on “Browse Senior Projects” above to find lists of previous Senior Projects organized in various ways including field, degree track and major.

Click on “Physics Advisers / Projects Offered” under finding a Senior Project, for that advice.

Some engineering departments maintain lists of projects, but the locations change. You can talk to the appropriate administrators, google or similar.